Website Traffic Challenge

In the year 2006, your business needed a website in order to be successful. You could create a few pages, stuff them a few generic keywords, and you would get significant traffic. Man, I miss the good old day. Don’t you? Fast forward and a few things remain the same, your business needs a solid website. However, driving traffic to your website is not as easy as before. No longer can you create a page and add a few targeted keywords and drive traffic to your new page. The game has changed. The game has evolved. So should your site. The Website Traffic Challenge is dedicated to helping you solve the problem – Generate traffic to your website. Goal = 2,500 Monthly Visits

The Plan

I believe that in order to truly drive traffic you need to create valuable content for your blog and social media, identify targeted keywords, generate consistent updates, and promote your content through email marketing. Generating traffic to a website is easier said than done. Yes, there are tons of other ways to increase your traffic, but I am going to focus on white hat SEO and content creation to increase traffic. I will not use advertising or other forms of promotion because it is not time.

Create valuable content:

If you are going to start blogging to increase your traffic, it really needs to start with the end-user (customer) in mind. The content that you create needs to be valuable enough that they would actually learn or take something away from the content. Generating actual revenue through your website takes time. Think of the content that you create as a welcome message, introducing your brand as an expert or trusted advisor. Before you hit publish, put yourself in the shoes of the user and ask if it was valuable. My goal is to create content that people actually find valuable.

Identify targeted keywords:

There needs to be a plan in order to generate quality content. You can’t just start typing and hit the publish button. I will identify and track targeted keywords that have three criteria:

  1. Keywords that my target audience is actually searching
  2. Keywords that are easier to rank for
  3. Keywords that have over 100 – 500 searches per month

I am going to start with keywords that will be easier to rank for, more long-tail type keywords. This will let me start to create articles that can rank in the search engines faster. Once I have a solid presence, I will increase the difficulty of the keywords and look to rank for more volume. My goal is to create content around these identified keywords.

Blog regularly:

There is no blog on the planet that is going to thrive without consistent content. Based on the targeted keywords, I plan on posting 2 articles per week. This will give enough content each month to make an impact in search engines and give users a reason to come back. The focus of the blog posts will be to update the challenges, articles about interesting topics, business tool reviews, and how-tos. This is going to be a challenge, but it must be a priority to hit the traffic goals I have put in place.

Promote content through email:

Finally, I will be using email to promote new content to the opt-in subscriber list. I have never been a fan of purchasing an email list. So, I will ensure that any emails that are sent out are only sent to subscribers.

The email list is an easy way to get users back to your content, update on events, and even promote your products and services. The money is in the list, so make sure that you use it.

My plan is to send out one email newsletter per month. I will include a quick update on the challenges, links to the new blog posts, and from time to time a link to a tool or product that I am using.

My goal is to add value to the end-user and drive traffic back to the blog. There you have it. This is my website growth plan that will help increase traffic, build an email list, and be some fun. I hope you join in the challenge and take some of the steps yourself.