Hi, my name is Steve. Here is a little bit about me.

I am a husband, father, believer, and currently a marketing department of one.

I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and I married my high school sweetheart in my junior year of college. Immediately after college, I enrolled in graduate school. I figured I better get my education in place before having kids. While in graduate school I worked full-time for a very large insurance company leading a small team of 8 call-center employees.

After graduate school, I accepted a really sweet job at Intel. Over three years I learned the ropes of marketing and leadership from some very intelligent people. After a few years, our first child was born, and we moved back to Phoenix to be closer to friends and family. I don’t know about you but having kids with no family is difficult.

I applied for one job, interviewed, and got it. So, we moved back to Phoenix so I could start to work for the largest Pet Retailer. My mission was to build a marketing analytics department. After a year of building a team, I joined the email marketing team to help build a more predictable email marketing program.

After 3 years, my career took a nosedive and I was let go or fired from PetSmart for poor performance. Honestly, I was just not into it anymore. May would look at this as a failure. For me, it was a lesson that changed my life and started my real education.

Instead of getting another job, I decided to start a marketing agency, Cobound. I focused on helping businesses generate revenue through strategic marketing, setting up their marketing operations, and branding their company. This experience helped me develop good habits, a strong work ethic, and gave me the experience I needed to start my next adventure.

In October 2018, I was at another crossroads. My last large contract and the largest client was coming to the end of the engagement. I had set up their marketing operations and helped hire and internal marketing staff to run their marketing team.

I had a decision to make. Do I go out and look for another client or do I look for a job? I decided to see what happened. I dusted off the resume, submitted one job application, and within 15 minutes the President of the company called. We chatted for an hour and a half and I was set up for an in-person interview. After a 2-hour in-person interview I was offered the job at 15% more than I asked for.

I guess it was God’s way of letting me know what to do next.

I officially was back in the workforce and given the opportunity. My mission is very similar to what I enjoyed so much about my marketing agency, start and grow a marketing department. I am now the head of marketing and a department of one. I am the first marketing hire at a company that has been around for 25 years, so there is a lot to accomplish.

As a department of one, I have to use my leadership skills and utilize other departments to help in the marketing execution of the company. For example, the UI/UX guy is a solid graphic designer. I use his skills to help build the company brand assets and publish solid creative projects.

However, I also use other services and freelancers to get the job done. Also, and probably the most rewarding, I am mentoring our executive admin who wants to become a marketing professional. So, my “team” is small, filled with dotted lines, but the results we are producing are very big.

In my free time, I try to coach my kids’ sports teams and do as many outdoor activities as possible with the family. I take my wife out at least once a month, so we can actually talk without getting interrupted by the kiddos. You could say life is busy, but I would not change anything.

So, you are asking what is this site all about? What are you selling? What should I expect?

First, I am not going to be selling anything directly. I will only suggest products and services that I use and use affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I will get a small piece of the pie. This is the income that I will create for this side hustle.

Second, I have started a clothing brand, Hawaiian Island Clothing, that sells t-shirts. Our mission is to help kids in need. This is why 100% of the proceeds are donated to help kids.

I am going to set goals for Hawaiian Island Clothing and report back on this website. It will be my goal to show you the strategies, tactics, and tools I am using to grow the clothing line.

My main objective for this website is to help you learn a new skill, avoid a failure (boy, do I have stories and I will share them), and maybe entertain you along the way.

So, join me in the challenges, and let’s see how we can build something together.

Steve Boehle