Marketing Challenge Launch – August Results

Some of you may already know, but I have been selling t-shirts under the Hawaiian Island Clothing brand. The proceeds from every t-shirt purchased are going to be donated to help kids in need. It is my hope that I can create a brand that does good and helps others. This is being built in my spare time, mostly early morning, weekends, and once the kids are in bed. Hawaiian Island Clothing is a true side hustle that I hope grows into something bigger because that means we have been able to help more kids.

Secondly, I have my own website where I am tracking the results, sharing marketing tactics and strategy I used to grow the brand, and giving my two cents about marketing and leadership through my personal blog.

The purpose of this monthly post is to share the benchmark metrics and monthly marketing plan for the ongoing Hawaiian Island Clothing brand build. I will update you on the progress of the brand from a marketing perspective. My goal is to give you the insights needed to take action on your own brand and business, learn from my mistakes, and grow along with Hawaiian Island Clothing.

I am going to try and be as open and transparent as possible because that is the only way we are going to be able to grow together. My hope is that we will learn something and put our new knowledge to good use.

I hope you join along.

Now that we have set the stage, here are the tactics that I will be using this month to grow the brand. My main two goals are to increase email list size (still the most effective) and grow the website traffic.

Here is the plan of attack for this month.

1. Post on social media 2 times per day. This will be a combination of helpful tips and tricks traveling to Hawaii, t-shirt design updates, and motivational posts.
2. Post 2 blog posts per week around specific keywords.
3. Send a bi-weekly email to the email list with offers and new design updates.
4. Run social media ads to increase brand awareness.

There you have it, the marketing plan for the month of September.

Now for the metrics from the month of August.

Website Traffic: 909 page views and 346 users
Facebook: followers – 63, reach 77
Instagram: followers – 970, reach 15.1k
Email marketing: subscribers – 71, open rate – 23.8%, click rate – 8.3%
Advertising spend: $0 on social media, $0 on PPC
Total revenue: $92.19

Finally, I would love to answer your questions and know what you are struggling with.